October 15, 2018

SO Happy!

"I can't say enough good things about the help and work I got from Superior Products. Ray provided quality materials, on-time, referred us to quality installers who provided extraordinary work, in a timely manner. The materials Ray provided are top notch, were delivered promptly and had no "waste" due to bending or scratches etc.. Ray was diligent in answering all our questions, helping us with anything and everything related to the job, and at a very reasonable price. We got estimates for materials and labor from other sources and Ray came out on top, (not because he was least expensive and we did not get "cheap" work) because of the great care he took to meet our needs. Another BIG PLUS is that Ray is respectful, considerate, polite and professional. Thank you, Ray, for all the help you gave us. I am telling everyone I can to go with Ray - he's the best! "
October 5, 2018

"What amazing service! Had to replace a cabin roof in Homer and Ray asked all the right questions to get this "do it yourself", broken fingernails, where are my glasses type guy on the right track, with the right materials and the perfect solution to the problem. When it came time to transport the materials (14' panels) to Homer, I was planning to load it in the back of my pickup - obviously with a very large overhang. Ray suggested that was not the best idea in the world (duh) - and he offered to deliver the entire package to Anchor Point using a 30 foot trailer - "have to go down there anyway and I can meet you in Anchor Point". WOW! Fortunately had a friend with a long trailer who was willing to come down and help, but that is definitely "going the extra mile!" He was also able to rush order a flashing for a problem that cropped up when we started the project and get it included in the shipment on very short notice. Wish I could add a photo of the new roof -- already tested it with a torrential downpour and high winds. Beautiful materials that will last a lot longer than I will! We've got a few more replacements to be made and you can bet Ray will be the FIRST and LAST person I call!"
August 27, 2018

Outstanding Product & Service

"I ordered a metal roof from Superior Products for a cabin in a remote location. I am not working with a general contractor so getting the right specifications for the roof was more challenging than it would have been if Ray had been working with a contractor. Ray, with patience and attention to detai,l walked me through the order to ensure correct measurements and all required pieces would be manufactured correctly. When the roofing arrived, due to a very complicated logistical situation involving boat delivery at a needed high tide, Ray had the roofing re-crated in Anchorage to meet weight threshold requirements and then personally drove his truck with my roofed trailed to the Homer municipal dock for unloading at a specified time. Ray did all of this for a very reasonable fee. I cannot over state the professionalism, expertise and above-and-beyond customer service provided by Superior Products. Thank you Ray!!"
March 19, 2018

"Ray's service was phenomenal. Ray stopped everything to work with me over a relatively small order for a partial replacement/repair of the roof on my remote cabin. He determined what I needed, explained to me how to make the installation, and expedited the preparation of the order to meet my preferred schedule. It would be impossible to overstate my appreciation for the service or my recommendation for others to use Ray's services for their metal roofing needs."
September 19, 2017

"After searching all over the state to find a metal roofing vendor that was willing to help with our unique remote build we found Superior Products and Ray. The customer service, attention to detail and time spend to ensure we had everything we needed was second to none. I cannot say thank you enough for going above and beyond what we expected ! I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone needing metal roofing or siding. "