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Superior Products, Inc.

"Metal distributor since 1984"

Serving Alaska and the Lower 48 States with Commercial
and Residential Metal Roofing and Siding


Since 1984, Superior Products, Inc. has supplied thousands of commercial and residential metal roofing and siding projects throughout Alaska and areas in the Lower 48 States.

Many standard and custom colors
Numerous panel configurations to choose from


We provide the following metal products and services:

Roofing: concealed or exposed fasteners
(standing seam, seamed, curved, lapped)
Siding (Wall): concealed or exposed fastener systems
Metal insulated roof and wall panels
Metal Soffit – vented, lanced or non-vented
Fascia panels and full wrap flashes
Snow control products
Metal shingles
Rain screen systems
Structural roof and wall attachment products and clips
Weather tight roofing and siding (wall - new) warranty.The limited lifetime warranty is a residential pass through warranty from the product manufactures only to the original property owner against paint fading, chaulking and chipping.
Custom flashing design and fabrication
Shop drawings, Detailing and Structural Engineering
Detailed and very accurate take offs
Consulting on Products and Plans: office or field
Many products based on design, budget, need and installation
Crating and consolidation
Residential Limited Lifetime Warranties
Commercial Limited 20 Year and Saltwater Warranties

Alaskan made roofing and siding (wall)
residential and light commercial panel products:

16” wide Skyline and Image II 26 GA. hidden fastener (standing seam)
36” wide Norclad, Strata Rib and Pro-Panel II 29 GA. lapped
36” wide Klondike 29 GA. Lapped siding
16” wide TriLap 29 and 26 GA. Siding
407/8” & 41 9/16” wide 10’ 6” wide 29 and 26 GA. flat stock
40 7/8" & 41 9/16" wide X 10' 6" long

Alaskan made roofing and siding (wall) flashes:

All styles standard flashings made to manufacturer’s specifications
All custom flashes necessary plus design assistance


Alaskan inventoried roofing and siding (wall)
residential and light commercial products:

24” wide 2 1/2” Corrugated 29 and 26 GA.
EPDM, Silicone and Dek Tite low and high temp pipe boots
Hex, Pancake Head and domed head screws
Neoprene, Butyl and EmSeal mastics
Top and bottom closures for the above panels
Snow Jaxes
48” wide X 10’ long unpainted 24 GA. flat stock


Lower 48 made roofing and siding (wall) 29 to 20 GA.
Residential, light and heavy commercial panel products:
30 through 20 Gauge panel products:
Vertical and horizontal panel faces and applications:

Flush, ribbed, corrugated, standing seam and seamed

Architectural, Commercial and Industrial, Structural,
Agricultural, Metal Building Panels and Residential


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