June 16, 2022

"Ray was amazing. I shopped my metal package everywhere in the state and Ray was not only the best price he also was extremely focused on me as a customer. He made sure I got exactly what I needed when I needed it. My delivery had to be barged to the bush and Ray handled all the logistics of getting the product from Anchorage down to Homer. I didn’t have to do a thing. Overall the Product is great but Rays customer service is what makes a difference. I would highly recommend. "
September 3, 2019

"We highly recommend Ray at Superior Products for your siding project. We went to him to help us with metal siding for our shop building, and his professionalism and expertise were invaluable, especially with design and color questions, and his prices are competitive. He also recommended first-rate installers, K & N Contracting, who did a superlative job. You can’t go wrong using these companies."
August 22, 2019

"Working with Ray at Superior Products, Inc was the most positive experience while planning and implementing home improvements this summer. Ray was the ultimate professional who responded immediately to our initial contact and answered all our questions pertaining to snow brakes for a metal roof. He emailed a snow brake estimate the same day after our initial phone contact, and then went the extra mile to submit the order prior to an upcoming week-end so we could proceed with our home projects without delay. Ray also shared key information on installation tips. The estimate was reasonably priced and the quality of the product itself was superior. In this day and age, it is not often to work with such top notch professionalism. Thanks to Ray, we avoided any delays in completing this project. We would highly recommend both Ray and Superior Products Inc to our friends and family. "
October 15, 2018

SO Happy!

"I can't say enough good things about the help and work I got from Superior Products. Ray provided quality materials, on-time, referred us to quality installers who provided extraordinary work, in a timely manner. The materials Ray provided are top notch, were delivered promptly and had no "waste" due to bending or scratches etc.. Ray was diligent in answering all our questions, helping us with anything and everything related to the job, and at a very reasonable price. We got estimates for materials and labor from other sources and Ray came out on top, (not because he was least expensive and we did not get "cheap" work) because of the great care he took to meet our needs. Another BIG PLUS is that Ray is respectful, considerate, polite and professional. Thank you, Ray, for all the help you gave us. I am telling everyone I can to go with Ray - he's the best! "
October 5, 2018

"What amazing service! Had to replace a cabin roof in Homer and Ray asked all the right questions to get this "do it yourself", broken fingernails, where are my glasses type guy on the right track, with the right materials and the perfect solution to the problem. When it came time to transport the materials (14' panels) to Homer, I was planning to load it in the back of my pickup - obviously with a very large overhang. Ray suggested that was not the best idea in the world (duh) - and he offered to deliver the entire package to Anchor Point using a 30 foot trailer - "have to go down there anyway and I can meet you in Anchor Point". WOW! Fortunately had a friend with a long trailer who was willing to come down and help, but that is definitely "going the extra mile!" He was also able to rush order a flashing for a problem that cropped up when we started the project and get it included in the shipment on very short notice. Wish I could add a photo of the new roof -- already tested it with a torrential downpour and high winds. Beautiful materials that will last a lot longer than I will! We've got a few more replacements to be made and you can bet Ray will be the FIRST and LAST person I call!"