Ask Your Metal Roofing Supplier in Alaska About Snow Retention Solutions

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The wintertime can be a glorious season: crisp weather, blue skies and plenty of fresh packed snow, perfect for a snowball fight or a snowman if you’re a kid. If you’re an adult, however, there can also be some downsides to so much snow. One important place where snow can have a negative impact is on the roof, and that’s why it’s important to ask your trusted metal roofing supplier in Alaska about what you can do to protect your roof from snow damage.

How do snow retention products work?

Snow retention products are designed to help control, confine and evacuate built-up snow on your roof. They are extremely beneficial in areas that experience regular snow, since they will safely and quickly take care of any accumulation so it doesn’t cause structural damage to the home. Many snow guard systems are installed on commercial buildings, but they are beneficial for residential situations, as well. Some common options to be aware of when you start your research into snow control systems for your roof include snow brakes, Snojax products, bar and rail and clamp on snow guards.

Protecting the home or workplace

Every building owner knows that gutter repairs or rooftop fixes can quickly become quite costly. Snow retention systems help ensure that gutters, vents and other roof components do not become clogged with snow, or become so weighed down that they snap and fall off.

Another inconvenience we all frequently experience in the wintertime is a blocked doorway or garage. With snow guard systems, snow will be prevented from piling up in front of entranceways or walkways, which mitigates the need for extensive plowing and shoveling.

Snow guards are a great solution for combating snow. They work by using thawing and evaporation to get rid of snow—before it can pile up and cause an avalanche that hurts family or neighbors. It also prevents damage such as leaks or caved-in ceilings.

There are many different varieties of snow guards on the market now, so be sure to ask your roofing supplier for recommendations that will be right for your situation. Snow guards are attached to the roof with clamps, designed specifically not to cause any damage or change to the roof. Bar and rail type clamps run along the entire length of a building’s eaves, and have clamps that are installed along the seam for added strength and security.

Guards are offered in metal and plastic varieties, and frequently come in a range of colors, so you can match the system to your roof to help it blend in seamlessly. All snow guard systems are designed with the same purpose: to help snow melt or drain off incrementally, rather than all at once, which can be dangerous.

When you’re considering a snow guard system for your commercial or residential building, consult with the experts at Superior Products Inc. We’ll help you find and install the right system for your situation. For more information, contact your metal roofing supplier in Alaska today to schedule a consultation.

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