Preparing Your Metal Roofing in Alaska for Winter

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The cold weather has arrived here in Alaska, which means full-blown winter is soon to follow. If your home has metal roofing, there are a number of steps you are going to want to take to make sure it is fully prepared for the sleet, snow and ice of the coming season.

Here are a few tips for preparing your metal roofing in Alaska for winter:

  • Clean off debris: It’s always a good idea to clear out leaves, branches and garbage from your roof and gutters. As leaves and debris collect in your gutters, they begin to clog up your downspouts. With clogged downspouts, rain will pour down over the top and collect near the foundation of your home. As the weather continues to get colder, that rain will freeze, along with the debris it surrounds inside your gutters, weighing them down and potentially doing some serious damage to your roof. You don’t want there to be any more pressure than necessary on your metal roofing! Additionally, the soggy dirt and leaves could lead to the growth of harmful mold and fungi, which could damage your roof.
  • Check your insulation: Even if the exterior of your roof looks like it’s doing just fine, you should double check the insulation underneath your roof to see if there is any water damage. If so, it could have lost some of its ability to trap heat inside your home, which could mean you end up having to pay higher utility bills. Checking your insulation can also help you pinpoint areas of your roofing that need to be patched up or better sealed, which leads us to our next tip.
  • Get any repair jobs done now: While it’s not likely you’ll have the time or weather to take on a full roof replacement at this point, you should make any last-minute patches or repairs now before the weather gets even worse, and the light becomes more elusive. As the weather continues to get worse, there will be more wind and snow that will make accomplishing those jobs a very difficult prospect.
  • Order an inspection: If you do not trust your own judgment when it comes to the state of your metal roofing in Alaska, book a skilled roofing inspector to come and check it out before it is obscured by ice and snow. An inspector will determine if your roof is weatherproof and airtight, which is extremely important for the brutally cold Alaskan winters. Make sure they pay attention to the roofing edges, which act as your first line of defense against the elements. These edges are more likely to be the first spots damaged, so they deserve extra attention in a roofing inspection.

These are just a few tips to help you prepare your metal roofing in Alaska for the winter season. If you have any additional questions about steps you can take, or are interested in learning more about the services we provide, we encourage you to contact Superior Products Inc. today.

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