The Benefits of Owning Tenryu Saw Blades in Alaska

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If you work with your hands, you understand better than anyone the need for reliable, effective saw blades. Not all blades are created equal, as you also know, and you can make or break a construction job based on the blades you have. Old, dull blades take far too long to cut through material, delaying work and making for sloppy cuts. Then there’s the fact that you need blades that can cut through a variety of materials. After all, you aren’t working just with one type of material most of the time. Fortunately, Superior Products Inc. is a well-respected distributor of Tenryu saw blades in Alaska, and we can help you find the one that’s just right for you.

Tenryu: The way to saw

Whether you’re doing woodworking or re-siding a house, Tenryu has you covered. These saw blades are in a class of their own when it comes to superior strength and cutting ability, and are thus the preferred choice for customers from coast to coast, and beyond. The Tenryu brand was launched in 1913, and Superior Products Inc. is proud to offer their saw blades because of their fine craftsmanship and utility. You can feel confident using Tenryu blades to cut everything from steel, vinyl and aluminum to wood and fiber cement.

The stats

There are many different types of Tenryu blades available. In fact, Tenryu America, Inc. offers more than 3,000 different types of carbide blades. The blade you need will be based on the machine with which you intend to use it, as well as your desired outcome. Different Tenryu saws are designed for use with machines such as table saws, circular saws, plunge cut saws, miter saws, panel saws, angle grinders and radial arm saws, to name just a few.

A few popular Tenryu saw blade types include:

– The Alumi-Cut Series
– The Gold Medal Series
– The Miter-Pro Series
– The Steel Pro Series
– The Heavy Metal Series
– The Tenryu Super Diamond Series
– The Plastic Cutter Series
– The Silencer Series
– The Rapid Cut Series
– The Pro Series for Wood Materials

Blades for every application

When you start shopping for Tenryu saw blades in Alaska, in addition to considering application, you’ll also have the option for different blade diameters. Each type of blade is crafted to ensure the finest cut, and no matter your application, there’s a blade that will help you get the job done fast and well. Tipped saw blades are available in very detailed diameters, ranging from 3-3/8” to 20”. Diamond saw blades come in diameters such as 3-3/8” through 14”. As you can see, you can get very detailed and picky with your saw blade in order to find precisely the right fit for your project.

Ask Superior Products Inc. about your options for tipped saw blades and diamond saw blades, and let us put our years of experience to use for you to help you find the right Tenryu saw blades in Alaska for your next project. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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