Help Ensure a Long Life for Your Metal Roofing in Alaska

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Have you recently had metal roofing installed at your home or business? If so, you likely learned that metal roofing in Alaska can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, depending on the type of metal used. While some of your roof’s longevity can be attributed to the durability of metal, how well you maintain your roofing is also a significant factor.

Pay close attention to the slope

When you are having your metal roof installed, make sure that the professional you hire devotes specific attention to the roof’s slope (or incline). The correct slope for your roof means that rain will be able to flow off the roof easily.

On the other hand, an improperly placed slope can result in rust and water buildup.

Schedule regular inspections

By making plans from the beginning to hire a professional to perform regular roof inspections, you’re playing a proactive role in ensuring that any problems are identified early on before they become major issues. Experts also recommend scheduling an inspection after a heavy rainstorm or other severe weather.

The expert you hire will look at whether water has been gathering in any particular spots when it rains and make sure that the gutters are functioning correctly. Standing water decreases the quality of your roof, especially when it goes untreated.

They will also likely check for any loose fasteners or seams, as these may become less tight over time as your metal roof receives exposure to the elements. They will also want to be sure that there is no buildup of residue that may have been emitted by heat stacks, mechanical units or vents, as any instances left untreated can affect the integrity of your roof.

Apply a coating

Hiring a professional to apply a coating on your metal roof will help mitigate the possibility of corrosion and leaks, ultimately leading to a longer life for your roof. Experts recommend scheduling a fresh coating every six to 10 years, using the roof’s ability to hold up to the elements or any major weather events that may have occurred as a guide.

This coating is generally a specific kind of paint that blocks sun damage and prevents rust from developing on the roof. Arranging for regular coatings for your roof will be less expensive than choosing to forgo this service, which could ultimately result in the need for a complete roof replacement further down the line. Additionally, if you choose a reflective coating, you’ll likely see a difference in your energy bills.

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