How to Get the Most from Your Metal Cutting Blades in Alaska

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If you regularly work with metal when completing any type of construction or building project, you know how important it is to have the right tools to help ensure that you can perform the task at hand correctly and efficiently. It’s useful to be familiar with tips that can aid in providing you with the best experience possible when using a particular tool.

If you work with metal cutting blades in Alaska or are planning to begin doing so, this advice should help you use these tools more effectively:

  • Select the right blade for your project: Make sure you are using a blade designed to work well for the specific type of metal being used for your project. Not all blades perform equally well on all metal types. Also, consider the amount of cutting your project will require and how quickly the work will need to be completed.
  • Secure the item to be cut: Ensure that the metal you are cutting is clamped or otherwise held down so that it does not shift while cutting is being performed.
  • Take your time: Don’t rush when using your metal cutting blade. Take the time to release the blade fully from the saw and use a straight edge or similar tool to guide you in performing the cut. As you prepare to make the cut, allow time for the blade to reach its full speed. Slowly allow the tool’s teeth to perform the cut, rather than using any overly quick movements.
  • Don’t use more force than necessary: It’s not uncommon when operating a metal cutting blade to apply more pressure than needed for the job. This error typically takes the form of forcing the blade through the metal that needs to be cut, damaging the motor and overheating the blade, which can decrease your tool’s lifespan. Making the cut gradually will help you avoid using too much force.
  • Use the blade as it was designed: If you’re using a metal cutting blade that works best when wet, don’t use it dry, as this will decrease the effectiveness of your blade over time. Similarly, applying coolant or lubricant to a blade that doesn’t require the use of these products may affect the integrity of the blade.
  • Be sure the blade is set up correctly: It can be easy to install a blade so that it ends up facing the wrong way. A blade may still be able to cut in this instance, but the quality of the teeth will begin to decrease. When installing a blade, look for arrows that may be marked on it to help guide you in ensuring the blade will cut in the right direction.

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