Know How to Clean Steel Siding in Alaska

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The weather will soon improve, and it is time to remove the winter grime from your steel siding. Keeping it clean makes it look much better, while also preventing oxidation and corrosion that can compromise your investment. However, you need to do this correctly or you will reduce the life expectancy of your steel siding in Alaska. Here is how to approach this task:

  • Gather supplies: Most of the stuff you need to clean steel siding is either in your garage already or easily found at a hardware store. You require water, a pressure washer, soft brushes, bleach, a soft wall sponge, laundry detergent, a stepladder, a spray bottle and a garden hose. One of your brushes or sponges will need a long handle. Do not use any detergents made for vinyl or wood siding; those options work well for their design, but will destroy steel.
  • Turn off power to outdoor lighting: You do not want this spring cleaning task to turn into a shocking experience. Turning off the power supply to outdoor lighting is a good safety precaution that you will not regret. This is especially important because, with pressure washers, there is always risk of damage that exposes live wires.
  • Mix the cleaning solution: Add 1/3 cup of laundry detergent to six gallons of water. Fill the pressure washer with this cleaning solution. Keep some solution aside in a bucket for the scrubbing step. If you think you will encounter mold, mix bleach and water in a spray bottle and keep it handy.
  • Scrub the walls: You will not use the pressure washer right away. Start by using a soft wall brush on a long handle to loosen winter buildup. If you have signs of mold, spray the bleach solution on those spots. Make sure you get every spot—even the ones you can hardly reach. That is why you have the stepladder handy! If there are spots you cannot reach safely, leave them for the power washer.
  • Power washing time: Once you spot-treat the mold and give the siding a scrub, prepare your power washer. Set it to its lowest pressure setting. If you feel lazy and set it high, you will risk denting the siding or damaging the paint. Pressure washers are great tools for this work, but using them incorrectly can compromise the appearance of your home more than any winter dirt or grime.
  • Rinse: For the rinsing step, use the garden hose rather than the pressure washer. You must be thorough, since lingering bleach and detergent can be corrosive. Never let the siding dry if you still have detergent on it. Once the water runs clear, you know you’re finished rinsing. Let natural elements dry the siding. Not only is it impossible to dry your entire home by hand, but allowing sun and wind to do the work will not damage the siding.

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