The Benefits of Residential Metal Siding in Alaska

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There are many different siding options available for your home, but if you are looking for material that is durable, customizable and could potentially save you money, residential metal siding in Alaska might be the answer. Consider some of the appealing characteristics that might make metal siding the best choice for your home.

Highly resistant properties

Both steel and aluminum styles of metal roofing are resistant to many things that their counterparts are not. This type of siding is extremely durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions such as snow, sleet and heavy winds. Metal is also fire resistant, and this type of siding has a far higher fire retardation rate than other siding materials. Because metal is naturally resistant to so many different threats, encasing your home with this material could actually make your home cheaper to insure, bringing down the cost of your insurance premiums.

Metal siding can save you money

While metal siding is pricier than other material options, you will stand to save a ton of money within the first few years of your installation. The metal surface can reflect and bounce the sun’s rays away, allowing you to keep the temperature inside comfortable without the excessive use of an air conditioner. Alternatively, if you are trying to invite the sun’s warmth into your home, darker colored siding can have the opposite effect and absorb the heat from outside to help keep your house warmer during the coldest months. Overall, this reduction in energy could directly translate to cheaper heating and cooling bills year-round.

Metal is also inorganic material, which means that insects will ignore your metal siding in search of organic materials to make their home in, keeping you free from hefty exterminator bills. Very little maintenance beyond a garden hose spray-down and a fresh coat of paint will be needed over the lifespan of your siding.

Highly customizable

If you decide to install metal siding, your options for design and customization will be endless. You can choose virtually any color for your siding, and if you decide a few years down the line that you want a change, you can easily add a new layer of paint to give your whole home an entirely new look. The metal can also be cut to the exact specifications of your home, and can be layered vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create many unique looks. You can also play around with different textures and patterns that will really make your house stand out.

With material that is durable enough to withstand so many elements, your siding could last for more than 40 years, making residential metal siding in Alaska a great investment. If you are interested in learning more about metal siding material and which options would be best for your home, contact the experts at Superior Products Inc. All of our siding products come with extended warranties so you can rest assured that you are getting quality material from a reliable company. Please give us a call right away to learn more!

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