The Truth About Steel Roofing in Alaska

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Steel roofing in Alaska is one of the best options on the market, but it is surrounded with misconceptions. Customers ask about possible scenarios that often arise from stories they read on the Internet. Rather than panic about the myths, make an informed decision based on facts. Here are five common misconceptions about steel roofing:

  • Steel roofs are loud: When discussing steel roofs, customers have an idea that every winter storm will sound like the apocalypse. Much of this arises from literature about tin roofs, or that one time they had to duck for cover from the rain in a metal building. Steel roofs are nothing like these representations. In fact, they are frequently quieter than shingle roofs. The solid sheathing involved in steel roof installation acts as a noise barrier between the weather and your indoor environment.
  • We will all die of a lightning strike: Your steel roof will not attract lightning any more than other roofing materials. While it is a conductor of electricity, it is still rare for lightning to hit any buildings—including those with metal roofs. If it strikes, targets normally include trees, power poles and towers, not roofs. In the rare instance your home sustains a lightning strike, the roof will disperse the energy away and no one dies of electric shock! Another benefit is the lack of flammability, so a lightning strike is less dangerous for a metal roof than for other materials.
  • Hail will destroy it: Steel roofs are made to stand up to severe weather elements, including hail. High wind and heavy snow also fail to match up against it. To damage your roof, hail must be large—as in beyond softball-sized. Since this happens infrequently, hail is not a typical condition to worry about. In fact, steel roofs are rated for winds up to 120 miles per hour, which is typical of an F2 tornado. Those storms bring hail and barely hit steel roofs.
  • If I clean my gutters, I will slip off and die: Many myths about steel roofs concern walking on it. There is the idea that walking on a steel roof will damage it and that you will slip off if you climb up there to clean the gutters. You can walk on your roof, but you need to take precautions. Ask your roof installer if there are places you should not walk. This is based on the roof pitch and not the steel material, so you would face this challenge with any roof.
  • My roof will become a rusty mess: Your metal roof contains protective qualities. The zinc or zinc-aluminum coating protects it from the elements and bonds to the steel at the factory. This reduces the chance of rust. Once installed, steel roofs are also painted for additional protection and to enhance the appearance of your home. Between this process and its durability against storms, you are less likely to suffer damage or corrosion than with other materials.

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