The Benefits of Baked-On Paint on Metal Roofing in Alaska

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Metal roofing is known for its durability and long lifespan of up to 75 years or more. The painted surface of some metal roofing in Alaska is part of the reason it has such longevity and is able to withstand the outdoor elements. This baked-on paint, particularly Kynar 500, is used to provide a strong chemical barrier on your metal roof to give you a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Resisting corrosion: Kynar 500 is like the Teflon coating in your pots and pans. Like this cookware, moisture is able to run right off without sticking when this baked-on paint is applied. When added to your metal roofing in Alaska, it helps to resist corrosion and aids in the long life of your roof, as water is unable to penetrate its protective barrier.
  • Preventing stains: The use of baked-on paint on your metal roof also helps with its resistance to stains. Stains that can blemish traditional roofs are no match for Kynar 500 paint, as they literally slip right off when washed because of its non-stick qualities.
  • Eliminating chalking: Kynar 500 baked-on paint is able to resist chalking, which can be common as paint ages or breaks down on a home’s exterior. Its impressive qualities allow it to maintain its appearance through the duration of your homeownership, without any significant maintenance or touchups required.
  • Reducing fading: Baked-on paint also has advantages when it comes to color duration. Kynar 500 paint is able to hold its colors longer, especially when it comes to darker colors that you may select for your roof’s look. This color-staying power prevents fading that is common on traditional roof surfaces with sun damage, as your metal roofing in Alaska has a carbon/fluoride bond that retains color longer.
  • Adding exterior durability: You will also benefit from baked-on paint’s ability to resist any damage that naturally occurs due to the weather. This baked-on paint allows snow and rain to slip right off its surface, allowing you to have a metal roof that always looks as good as new.
  • Lowering weight: The makeup of Kynar 500 paint is low weight in its application, complementing the metal material’s ability to add little extra weight to your home. There is no need for additional supports on your home when selecting this baked-on paint for your metal roof, giving you the protection you always wanted without added structural costs.
  • Offering an assortment of colors: The versatility of metal roofing in Alaska with Kynar 500 paint provides for virtually any imaginable color to be applied to its surface. The variety is vast, allowing you to match your existing home’s appearance or go with a completely new design element to enhance its look.

Adding baked-on Kynar 500 paint to your home’s metal roofing in Alaska will give you that added durability while also offering variety, flexibility and function. Contact Superior Products Inc. for your metal roofing needs. Our focus on customer service will give you the best experience possible and ensure you have the ideal roof for your home or business.

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