Common Metal Roofing Myths Explained

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Metal can be a high-quality, easy-to-maintain roofing material that is strong, safe and durable. Residential metal roofing in Alaska is an excellent option for many homeowners hoping to utilize a roofing material that can withstand the ravages of the Last Frontier’s notorious climate. Unfortunately, many rumors about the suitability of metal roofs persist. It is extremely important to understand the truths behind metal roofing myths prior to investing in a metal roof for your home.

Residential metal roofing in Alaska is an excellent way to outfit your home for our state’s extreme climate. If you are considering installing a metal roof on your home, here are some of the realities behind the most common myths that you may encounter regarding metal roofing:

  • Metal roofing is loud: Many people associate metal roofing, incorrectly, with loud pitter-patters and other precipitation sounds. Most residential metal roofing in Alaska is actually quieter than traditional asphalt or shingle roofing!
  • There’s no resale value in a metal roof: Especially in cooler climes, metal roofs are sought-after components of residential homes. You can enhance your home’s value and ensure that you get the highest possible market rate for it by installing a metal roof.
  • Metal roofs attract lightning: It seems only logical that lightning would opt to strike a metal roof, right? Wrong! Lightning always strikes the tallest structure in the area, whether or not it is composed of metal.
  • Ice dams don’t form on metal roofs: Ice dams are caused by poor attic ventilation and bad insulation, not the type of roofing. Unfortunately, metal roofing does not prevent the formation of ice dams.
  • Metal roofing lowers energy costs: Heating bills are largely determined by your insulation, not your roofing. However, the company installing your residential metal roofing in Alaska may be able to assist you in outfitting your home with better insulation.
  • Hail will damage my metal roof: It is a common misconception that metal roofing can be easily dented. Contrary to popular thought, metal roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials available, and is perfectly suited for extreme weather.
  • Rust can form on metal roofing: Modern metal roofs are built to last, and are almost completely rustproof. There’s no need to worry about rust forming on your residential metal roofing in Alaska, as long as you provide it with proper care and maintenance.
  • Metal roofs can’t be walked on: Metal roofing can be safely walked on without incurring any damage, so long as you are following your manufacturer’s suggestions. Be careful when walking on metal roofing, however, as it may be slippery!

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