Is It Time to Replace My Metal Roof?

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While the metal roofing of the past may have rusted easily and been a less effective insulator than other types of roofing material, today’s metal roofing features many improvements over earlier versions. As it has gained in popularity, metal roofing now enjoys a reputation as being extremely durable and rarely requiring repair.

Still, you may find some occasional wear and tear on your residential metal roofing in Alaska and wonder about when it makes sense to replace it or when it is simply in need of repair. Here’s some guidance that might help.

Did your metal roof experience impact?

If you’ve noticed any damage that may have resulted from any type of impact, such as extreme weather conditions, that your metal roof endured, it’s likely that only a repair will be needed. While a roofing professional can best make this determination, metal roofing can generally withstand many types of impact, as long as they are not incredibly severe.

Do you have a limited budget when it comes to roofing maintenance costs?

If so, and the roofing expert you’re working with advises that repair is a logical option, you’ll save yourself some money. In addition to spending less on materials and labor than you would for a roof replacement, a repair may also be prudent from a tax perspective.

Under tax guidelines, roof repair falls under the category of maintenance. Replacement, on the other hand, falls under capital expenses. So, more often than not, roofing repair work will result in a lower tax payment when you elect for the deduction. With replacement, you may end up paying more money in taxes, as you may not recover as much money through the depreciation process as you were hoping to.

Has your metal roof begun to require repairs with increased frequency?

Is your metal roof often in need of repair? This may be a sign that it’s time to replace it. A complete replacement will erase the headache of wondering when yet another problem will arise and will save you time and energy in the long run.

Is energy efficiency highly important to you?

Metal roofing is well known for being especially energy efficient. If either repair or replacement is a suitable option, you might consider a repair rather than a full replacement. Repairs to metal roofing make use of the current roof rather than new metal.

If energy efficiency is less important to you, replacement may be an appropriate step.

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