How to Repair a Hole in Your Metal Roof

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A metal roof is a great way to protect your house from the elements. Metal roof panels in Alaska are rugged, durable and energy efficient, especially compared to traditional asphalt tile roofs. And if you keep up with maintenance on it, instead of the 15 or so years you can get out of an asphalt roof, your metal roof can last you up to 40 years. In this post, we are going to review how to repair a hole in your metal roof.

Without further ado, here are some tips for patching your roof:

  • Clean the roof: To repair the hole, first clean the area you’re going to need to repair. Once you put the patch on, you can’t clean under the patch, so you want to make sure that the metal is as clean as possible so you don’t introduce rust or deterioration there in the future. You can scratch around the hole with steel wool, as abrading it will help it take the adhesive better.
  • Cut the patch: Next, cut a patch from a sheet of metal roof panel, slightly larger than the size of the hole that needs to be patched. You want the patch to extend past the hole at least 2 inches on each side. Also be sure to round the corners of the patch, or else it will be a catch that helps snow and ice form on your roof.
  • Install the patch: To install the patch, you want to liberally apply the sealant to the metal panel and secure it into place. The adhesive sealant should seep out from around all the edges. If it doesn’t, you need more sealant. There should be no air or gaps, which would simply allow leaks to start again and form more rust—and therefore another hole.
  • Secure the patch: Once you’ve glued the patch, you want to screw the patch down into the roof and, using a putty knife, spread the sealant that has seeped out from under the patch around the outside of the patch so that there’s a seal around the entire outside. Many people also put sealant over each of the screws. Let this thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Paint the patch to match the rest of the roof: This is your home; you almost certainly want to then paint the patch to match the rest of the roof. Hopefully you should have a little bit of paint left over from the first time you painted the roof. The paint is good for the look of your roof, and it’s also good as another layer of sealant. To paint the metal, first abrade the metal with steel wool, and then apply the paint.

Your metal roof is probably one of the most resilient parts of your home. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. If getting up on your metal roof is not something you’re interested in doing, or it’s just something that you can’t do anymore, then we suggest that you contact a professional metal roof repair and installation company, who can repair a roof in a safe manner and who will stand by and guarantee their work, meaning that you won’t have to get up on the roof and check it yourself; you can just trust that things are okay. If working on your roof is something you’re comfortable with, contact Superior Products Inc. today to buy some of the best metal roof panels in Alaska.

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