It’s Time to Start Thinking About Snow Guards for Your Residential or Commercial Steel Roofing

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Where we are in Anchorage, we get almost 76 inches of snow each year. That makes it pretty much mandatory for anyone with a pitched roof, whether residential or commercial, to install snow guards on their roof. For those of you who don’t know or are new to the area, snow guards are designed to keep snow from falling off your roof, or at least to make sure it falls in small and manageable sheets. There are a variety of designs, but they all provide the snow with something extra to latch onto, such as arrays of metal wedges, or shelves made of metal bars.

Snow guards are simple tools that help protect you and your property from a sudden avalanche of snow and ice from your roof. Installing them is one of the many services we provide as a metal roofing supplier in Alaska.

Why should I use snow guards?

Snow guards are that rare engineering beauty—a tool that is both simple and extremely useful. Not only do snow guards protect your property, as mentioned above, by controlling the pace at which snow falls from your roof, bar and rail type snow guards have the additional benefit of helping control the pace at which snow melts and freezes. If you have to clear your roof at any point in the winter, the simple fact that your snow guards have been controlling the pace of your snow melt will make it much easier for you to clear your roof.

Who needs snow guards the most?

We get enough snow here that snow guards are useful for everyone. But if you have problems with your gutters clogging and freezing over, or you’re looking to protect landscaped areas, skylights or exposed parts of your plumbing and air systems—any area of your home, in other words, where heavy falling sheets of ice could do serious damage—snow guards can help with that.

What is the installation process like?

A snow guard is chosen specifically to fit the look and color of your metal roofing. Then we draw up a plan for the most efficient pattern for the installation, which we figure out using engineering formulas, accounting for the pitch and height of your roof. The planning side of things is more work than the installation itself, which for you, is just a few guys on your roof for a few hours, nothing serious. As a metal roofing supplier in Alaska, we’ve done jobs like this so many times there is no more guesswork—and afterwards you’ll be guaranteed years and years of protection from snow avalanching from your roof.

As a leading metal roofing supplier in Alaska for over 33 years, Superior Products Inc. is the company to call if you’re looking for snow guards or other snow control products this year. We’re known for our impeccable planning and execution. We spend a little extra time on every job making sure we get things done right the first time. If you have any questions, or require any service whatsoever on your metal roofing in Alaska, please call Superior Products Inc. right away!

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