Replacing Your Siding? Consider Investing in Steel

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Alaska is a beautiful place, perhaps one of the most incredible untouched pieces of land in all of America. But there is no denying that its climate—especially the enormous difference in temperature between summer and winter—can be extremely hard on your house, your roof and just about everything else. When you’re in Alaska it makes sense to invest in durability. So, if you’re in the process of replacing your siding, may we suggest that you consider investing in steel siding?

Steel is basically the toughest, and most rugged siding available. And though it is more expensive than vinyl, for example, the increase in price is negligible. It’s buck for buck better than any other siding material. As providers of residential steel siding in Alaska, we’re huge proponents of the value of steel siding. Here’s why.

Nothing is more durable than steel siding

As long as you make sure your steel is repainted every 20 years or so and keep an eye out in the meantime for rust, your steel will last 40 or 50 years with no problem. It’s resistant to scratches, punctures and dents—and small dents can often be pulled right out. Regarding the issue of rust that was just mentioned, this is only really a problem if there’s an issue with installation, usually when the corners aren’t properly covered, leaving edges exposed to rust. Usually, though, the rust can simply be buffed and then painted over. Really severe problems can be patched or replaced relatively simply, but again, they should not be a problem if you just keep an eye on things.

Residential steel siding lasts a really long time with limited upkeep

As we said, upkeep is, for the most part, just “keeping an eye out.” You’ll only need to repaint every 20 years or so, and should get decades and decades of use out of it.

In comparison to other materials, steel siding is superior

Vinyl is cheap, cracks and punctures easily, and has an unattractive plastic look. Aluminum might seem like it would be as strong as steel, and in many structural ways that is true, but it is much easier to puncture or crack than steel. Even a large hail ball might leave a little hole in your siding. Wood is a superior material, and there’s a reason it’s lasted as America’s go-to building material, but here, it is simply too prone to rot and just doesn’t hold up when compared to residential steel siding in Alaska.

If we haven’t convinced you yet that you should consider replacing your siding with steel siding, why not give Superior Products Inc. a call today? Let us answer your questions and share our passion for steel with you. We’ve made residential steel siding in Alaska our business because it’s simply the best siding for everything the climate here has to throw at you. It’s rugged, long lasting and it holds its value and curb appeal for decades. Call us today, and let’s get started!

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