Five Tips for Metal Roofing Insulation

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There are many benefits to opting to use metal roofing in Alaska over more traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing is more durable, lighter, less expensive and easier to install compared to other roofing options. However, metal roofing does have its drawbacks. Some people find that metal roofing does not conserve energy as well as other roofing types, and the noise of a metal roof during rain or hailstorms can sometimes be annoying. Thankfully, these problems can be remedied quite easily by installing metal roofing insulation. Below are a few tips from Superior Products Inc. for insulating your metal roof:

  • Use foam batting: There are lots of opinions out there about the best insulation to use with metal r However, we’ve found that foam batting works best. Unlike spray insulation or rolled batting, foam batting comes in panels and lies flat, which makes for easy installation. Foam batting can also be installed on either side of the sheathing, which helps make installation simple and convenient.
  • Cut the insulation panels on the roof: Before you start cutting your foam insulation panels, you should take the panels up to the roof. Some people think that cutting the panels on the ground is better because there’s more space to work with. However, you’ll find that you can make more accurate measurements and reduce the number of trips up and down a ladder if you move all the insulation up to the roof before cutting it.
  • Use paper liner with your insulation: Sometimes water can penetrate your metal roofing and seep into the insulation, which can cause mold, decay and other problems. To help prevent this, you should always use paper liner with your insulation. You should lay down the paper liner between the sheathing of your roof and the insulation. The paper liner will help protect the insulation and prevent water buildup.
  • Use staples for installing the insulation: Staples are best for installing metal roofing insulation for several reasons. First of all, staples do not make large holes in the sheathing for your metal roof. Second, staples go in easily and quickly, so you can install several panels of foam batting in just a few minutes. Finally, if you need to make adjustments, repairs or replacements, staples are quick and easy to remove.
  • Leave gaps between the insulation panels: While you want your roof to be well insulated, your roof still needs to be able to breathe to avoid moisture buildup and allow the air exchange that needs to occur to keep an optimal temperature in your home. When installing insulation, you should leave about 1/8-inch gaps between the pieces of insulation.

Installing insulation with your metal roofing in Alaska can help control noise and improve the energy conservation in your home, but you need to make sure that it is installed properly. By following these few simple tips, you can quickly and efficiently install metal roofing insulation that will last. For more tips like these and for all your metal roofing needs, come see us at Superior Products Inc.!

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