Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance

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Metal roofing is amazing. It’s rugged, long lasting and can withstand most of the harshest acts of cruelty Mother Nature can throw at it. The best thing of all about metal roofs is that they really require very little maintenance. If you just follow these simple steps, you can help your metal roof last for generations.

Perform regular inspections

It is important to check your metal roofing in Alaska at least twice a year, and immediately after any severe weather event, as this is when there is most likely to be debris that needs to be cleared, or surprise damage done to the roof itself. Remember to take safety precautions on your roof, wearing non-slip shoes, avoiding walking directly at the edge of your roof and walking along the joists and supports as you perform your inspection. While on the roof, make sure to keep an eye out for all of these things:

  • Panels or fasteners that look loosened, or like they’ve been distressed from movement.
  • Issues with sealant, especially on fasteners, and around vents and skylights.
  • Puncture damage, especially after hail or extreme wind.
  • Look for any pooling water, especially water pooling on organic debris, as this can speed up roofing oxidation.
  • Look for any obvious rust, or any places where the metal’s coating has been stripped away.
  • Check gutters, and clear any blockages. Full gutters are one of the most common and easily preventable causes of serious leaking problems.
  • Always check any old repairs, as these are likely places for future issues.

Repair any damage quickly

  • Patches: An extremely small puncture can be patched with roofing cement. If your roof has more extensive puncture damage, make sure to patch it with a metal patch (using the same metal as the roof) that extends beyond the edges of the puncture, and to seal both the patch and the fasteners you use to adhere the patch.
  • Sealant: Clean and reseal any areas that need resealing. Make sure to use a sealant specially designed for metal, as some silicones will dry and become brittle more quickly with metal. Good sealant should last about 20 years from the time of application, so that means, predictably, you should replace all sealant at about the 20-year mark. But inspecting sealant should be, in the meantime, an important part of your regular inspection process.
  • Coating: This may require a professional. When your metal roofing in Alaska has lost its coating, it’s more likely to rust. Rust has to be taken care of with a sanding process before the metal’s coating is replaced.

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