How to Optimize Your Building with Metal Roof Panels in Alaska

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If you want to make your building as durable as possible, you need to outfit it with metal panels. These panels will form the walls and roof—the envelope of your building. Even though the material is relatively thin, they are still surprisingly tough. They can withstand all types of elements and will never lose their structural strength or their attractive appearance.

These metal roof panels in Alaska are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. For example, you could choose either a smooth or corrugated type of panel, and just about any type of color for it. While a manufacturer will usually have a certain set of stock colors available, you can order custom-designed colors and coatings for your own unique purposes. You can then do the same with wall panels and match the colors to each other, or select different yet complementary colors.

Tips for choosing the metal panels you’ll use in your roof

For a roof, you are generally going to want white or other lighter colors that will reflect the sun’s light away, re-emitting any heat that would otherwise collect on the top of the roof. Darker colors absorb the sun’s energy and trap the heat, bringing it in through the top of your building, which you aren’t going to want.

Steel as a material does not hold very much solar radiation in the form of heat, but adding re-emissive pigmentation can help improve its energy efficiency beyond a standard reflective surface.

As a general rule, you should opt for metal roof panels that are also available in other textures. This way you can make sure you match these panels to other building materials you have already used with a little more ease. You’ll find, for example, panels that have been designed to look like asphalt shingles, shake shingles or tiles—this can help the panel to blend in better with the roofing materials you know you’ll be using. A well-made metal panel can be nearly indistinguishable from shingles in the right circumstances.

If you wish, you can also allow the steel to shine through your roof, or select a color that will coordinate with the walls of your building or the colors of other buildings in your area.

Metal roofs also come in a wide variety of pitches and profiles, ranging from flat to steep. For example, you might select a standing seam metal roof, or add various architectural elements such as cupolas, hips, dormers and valleys.

There are two main methods that are then used to install these panels to the steel frame—the method used depends on the type of metal panel you opt for and the installation company you work with.

This gives you a general overview of what you should know about metal roof panels in Alaska before making your purchase decision. Contact Superior Products Inc. today to speak with one of our experts and learn more about the variety of metal roof panel options we have available for you.

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