Things to Consider When Designing a Metal Building

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People unfamiliar with the technology used these days in the development of steel buildings are often under the mistaken assumption that steel buildings are always ugly, or that they are very limited in terms of the kinds of engineering that can be done with them. The truth, however, is that steel buildings can be extremely attractive, durable and versatile.

If you’re thinking about designing a building with residential metal roofing in Alaska or other metal components, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Building design

When designing your building, it’s important to include as many of the small details as possible, from the types of penetrations required in certain areas to the type of panels you’ll use for the roof and walls. As you determine all of these details for yourself, make sure you communicate them to everyone involved in the process. Properly coordinating your various contractors will help you avoid potential errors or damage in the project, so get everyone on the same page as soon as you can.

Metal walls

If you wish, you can leave metal wall panels exposed to let the steel shine through and be an aesthetic point of its own. You can also cover them with paint or coatings, or install pre-engineered exteriors over these panels that look like brick, concrete or stone without having to deal with the added expense and weight of the masonry.

Style of roof

Beyond the variety of colors you can use for your metal roof, you can also create them in a variety of different styles. For example, you could get steel panels that have been designed to look like asphalt or shake shingles or clay tiles. You can also get steel panels that come in a variety of slopes and fits. There are other options to choose from as well, including cool roofs, which help you save on energy costs by re-emitting heat as light.

Extra design elements

Do you have additional specific design elements you know you’re going to be working into your building? Examples could include skylights, doors and windows. You should consider, for example, the need for natural light inside your building, and how the placement of your windows and skylights will fulfill those needs. Having sufficient natural lighting can help you save money on your energy bill, because you won’t need to rely as heavily on lamps and electrical lighting fixtures.

You’ll also need to consider where you’re going to place doors in the building. When using metal doors, you have selections that include anything from standard walk-through doors to overhead roll-up doors, sliding doors or garage-style doors, all of which can be any size you need. Here again, consider how the location at which you place these doors can help you increase your energy efficiency.

For more considerations to keep in mind when planning out steel buildings, metal roofing and residential metal siding in Alaska, contact the team at Superior Products Inc. today and we’d be glad to answer any questions you have.

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