How to Choose the Right Color for Your Metal Roofing in Alaska

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You’ve chosen paint colors for walls. You’ve chosen sock colors to match your attire. These are common choices, but you’ve likely never had to choose a color for a roof. How should you go about this new chore before you? There are several key factors to consider. Use the following tips to guide your choice of color for metal roofing in Alaska.

Consider Curb Appeal

For many homes, a huge portion of the exterior view is the roof. It’s one of the most noticeable features as one drives up to your home. This makes the color of the metal roofing in Alaska highly visible and therefore very important. The color you choose will drastically affect the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Keep in mind that metal roofing in Alaska is available in more than traditional black and gray shades. Consider what color will best enhance your home’s exterior. Since this is a long-term investment, keep in mind what future buyers might prefer, as well as your own tastes. You want your home to offer curb appeal that attracts potential buyers if you ever plan to sell the home.

Consider Energy Efficiency

You’re probably aware that darker colors absorb more heat that lighter colors. A dark roof typically creates a warmer interior, which reduces energy efficiency and increases utility bills. Due to these effects, it’s important to keep energy efficiency in mind as you select your color for metal roofing in Alaska. Whites, tans and grays typically out-perform dark colors when it comes to keeping heat out of the attic.

Keep in mind, there are other roofing qualities that also affect energy efficiency. A thermal break and reflective surfaces can greatly reduce heat absorption. Good attic ventilation is also key. Your roof may achieve the same level of energy efficiency with a darker color and a thermal break as with a lighter color and no other energy-efficient qualities. If you prefer a darker color, consider combining it with other energy-saving features.

Consider an Online Visualizer

Are you having trouble picturing what your roof would look like in a different color? This is a common struggle. It’s so common, in fact, that online visualizers have been introduced to the marketplace to assist consumers with this process. You can use these tools to look at other homes with similar roofs, or even upload a picture of your own home and view it with different roofing options.

Using this tool can give you a better idea of which color will be best for your home. A professional roofing supplier can assist you with this process and offer advice on which option is best for your setting and needs.

Get Expert Advice

If you’d like assistance with this color-selection process, the experts at Superior Products Inc. are available to help you. We offer in-depth knowledge of the roofing supply industry and can advise you which color of metal roofing in Alaska will be best for your property. Contact our team today with any questions or to get started on your next project.

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