Tenryu Saw Blades: Superior Blades for Superior Workmen

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“A workman is only as good as his tools” is a common saying, and one that continually rings true, especially in our business. At Superior Products Inc., we know that the quality of our work depends on two things: the skills of our workmen and the quality of our tools.

We only use the very best tools here, tools that have been proven to be reliable through frequent, widespread and long-term use. When it comes to cutting metal roof materials, there’s only one blade that stands up to our standard, and that’s Tenryu saw blades. Tenryu offers simply the best saw blades on the market, which is why we use them and why you should, too. That’s why, in addition to our other services, Superior Products Inc. is also your trusted distributor for Tenryu saw blades in Alaska.

Whether you need a saw blade for commercial or individual use, we carry a wide variety of Tenryu saw blades to meet almost every need. And, if we don’t have it, we can custom order it for you. Whether you are cutting steel, vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiber cement or just about any other material, we can help you get the Tenryu saw blade you need to get the job done.

There are many reasons why Tenryu should be your go-to saw blade, but let us give you a few of the reasons why we use these products:

  • Design: These blades are designed with purpose. When Tenryu blades are produced, the material being cut and the type of machine that will be doing the cutting are both taken into consideration. The end result is a saw blade of the highest performance.
  • Quality: Quality assurance is key in the production of these blades. That’s why each blade goes through more than 40 separate processes executed by the most highly skilled craftsmen in the world. Every blade received individualized attention to ensure that it meets the Tenryu standard for quality.
  • Materials: A product is only as good as the materials used to make it, which is why Tenryu uses only the highest grades of steel when producing their blades. Every lot of steel coming into the Tenryu facility is tested for consistency, strength and hardness. Only the top-quality materials are used.
  • Craftsmanship: Each Tenryu blade is handcrafted. This means that each blade is fabricated by expert craftsmen to ensure that it has the appropriate tension and is within the required range for balance and tolerance.
  • Finishing: Lastly, proprietary cooling methods are used in the final grinding process of Tenryu blades to reduce micro-chipping and ensure a sharper, keener edge on each individual saw tooth.

If quality is essential to the work that you do, then, like us, you’ll want to use Tenryu saw blades. Superior design, exceptional quality and outstanding performance are the reasons we use Tenryu saw blades and why we are also proud to be your distributor for Tenryu saw blades in Alaska. To purchase your first Tenryu saw blade, stop in to Superior Products Inc. today!

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