Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer with Metal Roofing in Alaska

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Summer days are extra long in Alaska. With the hot rays beating down on your home for extended periods, how can you keep your home comfortably cool? The secret is metal roofing in Alaska. With this material in place, you’ll enjoy more pleasant summer temperatures in your home.

How does metal roofing in Alaska help the interior temperature of your house? It offers several benefits. Here’s the scoop.

Asphalt Absorbs Heat

Traditional asphalt shingled roofs can make your home’s interior hot. After sitting in the sun all day, the asphalt has absorbed the heat and remains warm even after sunset. The trapped heat warms the interior of your home. The overall effect is a warmer interior that makes your air conditioner have to work extra hard.

Metal Roofing in Alaska Keeps Heat Out

When your home has a metal roof, you enjoy the opposite effect from asphalt roofing. The metal roof keeps heat out. The metal reflects sunlight rather than absorbs it. This reduces the temperature in your home and makes it much easier for your air conditioning unit to keep up with the heat.

Metal Roofs Are Green

They don’t have to be green in color (although they could be)—metal roofs are green because they offer an environmentally friendly option for roofing. Metal roofing is made up of mostly recycled materials. Metal roofing in Alaska can also last over 50 years. This durable material offers great longevity, which reduces replacements and repairs that generate waste and consume energy.

Metal Roofs in Alaska Are Durable

Homes in Alaska endure a variety of harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs can withstand high-speed winds and are resistant to impact. Their durability keeps your home comfortable and safe. With fewer missing pieces, cracks or other damage, your home will stay cooler, and your roofing maintenance bills will stay low.

Metal Roofs Are Versatile

Houses vary in style as much as people do. What kind of roof would look best on your home? Metal roofing in Alaska is available in many colors and coatings. You can choose from copper, steel or aluminum for different looks. The roofing can also be coated to increase durability and reflection of sunlight. These coatings can give your roof a unique look as well as help lower the temperature inside your home.

Metal Roofs Offer Safety

In addition to keeping your home cooler in the summer, metal roofing in Alaska can also protect your property from natural disasters. If lightning strikes your property, other roofing materials may ignite. The flames can quickly spread and engulf the entire home. The same can happen with an encroaching wildfire. Metal roofs, on the other hand, will not spark, making it less likely that the roof (and your home) will go up in flames.

Stay Cool

Would you like to take advantage of the many benefits of metal roofing in Alaska? To stay cooler this summer, contact the roofing experts at Superior Products Inc. We offer outstanding products and services to meet all your roofing needs. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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