Will Metal Roof Panels in Alaska Disrupt My Reception?

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Few things are more frustrating than a dropped cell phone call. It ranks up there next to poor reception during a call and slow or interrupted internet reception. Many factors can influence the quality of these communications, including building construction. This leaves many people wondering about metal roof panels in Alaska.

Will a metal roof interfere with your cell or internet reception? Many myths are circulating about this question. Let’s debunk those myths and learn the facts!

True or False: My cell phone won’t work if I have metal roof panels in Alaska.

False. Many public buildings have metal roofs. Do you usually get a signal inside a mall or restaurant? It’s likely many of the places you go every day have a metal roof. The truth is, metal roofs don’t interrupt the reception of your cell phone.

True or False: My reception may be hindered by a metal roof.

True. If disruptions of your signal already exist, metal roofs can amplify these issues. For example, if a nearby utility tower is affecting your signal, the metal roof can interact with this interruption to make it worse. It can create a shield that blocks frequencies.

True or False: I won’t have cell or internet reception issues with other roofing materials.

False. Nearly any thick material can wreak havoc on your signal. Thick wood, asphalt and concrete can prevent frequencies from entering your home. This is why cell phone calls are usually lost inside tunnels or under bridges. Choosing a different roofing material will not guarantee clearer reception.

True or False: If I get poor reception in my home, there’s nothing I can do about it.

False. If you are struggling with cell or internet reception problems, solutions are available (and they don’t involve tearing off your roof). Two options are commonly used to improve reception. The first is a repeater system. This includes an antenna, broadcaster and signal amplifier. Simply add the antenna to your metal roof panels in Alaska and install the amplifier in the attic. The system transmits the signal to your phone, giving you improved reception.

The second option is a cell phone signal booster. As the name suggests, this device plugs into your phone and boosts the signal. Most consumers prefer the repeater system, since you don’t have to plug your phone into anything to use it.

True or False: I should base my roofing selection on potential signal issues.

False. Metal roof panels in Alaska offer significant benefits to homeowners. They increase energy efficiency and offer great longevity. Since there are no guarantees that any roof will not affect your reception, you should choose the material that is best for your building and construction needs.

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