What Goes Into Metal Roof Maintenance?

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As a top metal roofing supplier in Alaska, we often field questions from clients about how to make sure their metal roof stays in good shape for as long as possible. The answer is short and sweet: maintenance!

Of course, maintenance may be simple, but it certainly isn’t always quick and easy. While residential and commercial metal roofing in Alaska may often be easier to care for than other options, such as asphalt shingles, it still needs some annual TLC to ensure it stays strong for another year. With that in mind, here are some basics for metal roof maintenance:

  • Clean dirt and mildew: Scrubbing off dirt, mildew and other stains from your metal roof accomplishes two things: it makes your home or business look better, and it helps extend the life of your roof. Just make sure you practice caution if you’re doing this yourself.
  • Clear gutters and drains: Just as with any type of roof, the gutters and drains of your metal roof are going to get full or leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters and drains is a fairly simple task, regardless of which material your roof is made from.
  • Remove debris: Leaves, branches, twigs and other debris don’t just get stuck in gutters—they can also end up in valleys and other parts of your metal roof. Removing these things early and often will keep your roof in good shape—and will help it look its best!
  • Look for other metals: This might not seem very likely, but it’s always possible that other metal materials ended up touching your metal roof. This could be a big problem, as certain metals can be very corrosive to metal roofs. When clearing your roof of debris, keep an eye out for other metal substances that shouldn’t be there.
  • Check fasteners and screws: When performing annual maintenance on your metal roof, be sure to check all the fasteners, rivets and screws. If any seem loose, it should be relatively easy to tighten them up.
  • Test sealant: Sealants keep your roof clean and dry, so it’s important that they are tested often and replaced when needed. To test your roof’s sealant, just look for flaking or cracking at least once a year. If you find some, it may be time to have the sealant replaced.
  • Trust a professional: Some tasks associated with metal roof maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters or looking for sealant cracks, are relatively easy, and you may feel comfortable doing them yourself. However, other tasks—like replacing the sealant or fixing punctures—might require the work of a professional. If you encounter issues that you don’t feel comfortable fixing yourself—or if you simply do not want to get up on your roof—then it’s time to call in a professional for help with your residential or commercial roofing in Alaska.

If you have any questions about proper metal roof maintenance, please feel free to call Superior Products Inc., your go-to metal roof supplier in Alaska. We look forward to hearing from you!

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