Which Insulation Is Best for Your Residential Metal Roofing in Alaska?

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If you have a metal building, you probably know how important insulation is, but it’s not always easy to figure out what kind of insulation is right for your residential metal roofing in Alaska. Selecting the right type of insulation improves the efficiency of your building and helps protect against structural damage from humidity and moisture. By learning a little bit more about the different options that are out there, you can improve your ability to select the perfect insulation material for your needs.

Insulation basics

Insulation serves several functional purposes in commercial and residential buildings. High quality insulation can help regulate interior temperatures, limit moisture buildup and muffle noise. During the winter, insulation helps keep warm air inside your home. In the summer, insulation reduces thermal heat transfer and keeps your cool air inside without letting warm air in.

Unfortunately, not all buildings are equipped with the right insulation. Lots of homes and buildings have insulation that doesn’t offer ideal performance or efficiency. With that in mind, it’s essential to carefully consider all of your insulation options to find one that’s right for your residential metal roofing in Alaska:

  • Batt insulation: Batt insulation is simple to install, and it’s one of the most common types of insulation in residential buildings. Batt insulation is typically made of wool or fiberglass materials, and many types of insulation are made with radiant barrier backing that’s specifically designed to increase insulation in metal buildings.
  • Loose fill insulation: Loose fill insulation is composed of loose fiber that is blown into walls and floors. It’s more versatile than batting insulation, since it can be blown into corners and small spaces where it’s difficult to install other types of insulation. Loose fill insulation tends to cost more than batt insulation, but it is a worthwhile option for spaces with odd configurations, where it can be very difficult to fit standard batt insulation.
  • Spray foam insulation: Like loose fill insulation, spray foam insulation is blown into walls, floors and ceilings with specialized equipment. However, spray foam insulation creates an airtight barrier that seals as a solid as it dries. As it’s applied, it expands to fit the space to create the ideal seal, no matter what the configuration of the space may be. It is more expensive than traditional batt insulation, but it also offers a far better air barrier for the purposes of insulation. Still, it’s important to consider that spray foam insulation isn’t ideal for every space. Spray foam insulation can even cause excessive moisture buildup if it’s applied in older buildings and other structures that aren’t designed to be insulated with an airtight polymer.

Get high quality residential metal roofing in Alaska

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