Unique Features of Universal Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Alaska

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Are you looking for a strong, reliable solution for your metal roofing in Alaska? You want something that will withstand the elements and protect your property for decades to come. Universal standing seam metal roofing might be the ideal solution for your property.

What’s so great about this product? It is designed for wind resistance and performance. It offers quality and value to provide metal roofing in Alaska that will stand the test of time without breaking your budget. Here’s the scoop on this latest roofing option:

  • Heavy-duty materials: The base metal for universal standing seam metal roofing in Alaska is USA-manufactured .0216” thick G90 galvanized steel. This material is designed to hold up even when conditions get tough.
  • Color selection: The finish is available in a variety of colors. This allows homeowners to choose the metal roofing in Alaska that will best complement the rest of their property. Who says a roof can’t be an attractive part of the home?
  • Energy efficiency: In addition to appealing colors, this metal roofing in Alaska is available in reflective pigments. These reflect the harsh summer sunlight and provide energy efficiency for the home.
  • Custom lengths: Standard sizes can create the need for laps or seams in metal roofing. This product is available in custom lengths, so roofers do not have to install with horizontal laps or seams.
  • Width options: Would 12” panels work better for your home, or would 16” be the best fit? Fortunately, universal standing seam metal roofing in Alaska is available in both sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for your property.
  • Security: This metal roofing features built-in fastening flanges. What does this mean? The material will be securely attached to your roof deck, for long-lasting protection with minimized repairs or replacement.
  • Weather-friendly: When the temperatures change, metal expands and contracts. The roof design must allow for this movement to avoid damage. This product features slotted fastener holes to allow for expansion and contraction of the metal.
  • Sleek design: Accessories for universal standing seam metal roofing in Alaska offer wind resistance with their sleek low profile. The result is an attractive roof that provides durability and sustainability.
  • Economy: A new roof is often one of the most significant projects a homeowner will ever complete on their property. Fortunately, not all metal roofing in Alaska has to break the bank. This product offers quality and value, providing an economical choice for homeowners.
  • Easy installation: Part of what keeps the cost down for this metal roofing is the installation process. It is a basic process that can be completed fairly quickly by those who are experienced with metal roofing in Alaska. This helps reduce labor costs.

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