How Metal Roofs Withstand Wind and Rainstorms

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When the time comes to replace and old roof, savvy homeowners will want to investigate the potential value that a metal roof can bring to their home. Of course, before you dive into this long-term commitment, you’ll want to do the proper investigation. One of the most commonly-asked questions for clients considering metal roofing in Alaska is: how well does a standard metal roof hold up when the weather gets rough?

In an area like Anchorage, where winds can reach speeds up to 80 miles per hour, it’s only natural to wonder if a metal roof can withstand an assault from the worst the area can dish out.

Don’t Make a Habit of Replacing Your Roof

Some roofing experts note that homes built in areas subject to repeated bursts of severe weather could find themselves replacing their roofs once every five to seven years. That isn’t the case for metal roofs, which can stand up to all but the worst that Mother Nature can offer.

High-quality metal roofs and metal shingles are tested repeatedly to ensure their ability to withstand extreme weather in all its forms. From windstorms to rain, and hail to snow and ice, metal roofs can take it all and keep coming back for more.

Lightning Isn’t a Threat

During the worst thunderstorms, driving rain isn’t the only thing that can cause severe damage to your home. Lightning can also strike your home and set a traditional roof on fire. That’s not the case if you have a metal roof. Those clients who make use of metal roof panels in Alaska will have nothing to fear from the follow-up punch that comes with every big storm, since metal roofs are largely impervious to fire.

Take a Real Hit

In addition to its illustrated ability to take a beating from the most extreme elements, metal roofs can also take direct hits from flying debris and remain structurally sound much better than the competition.

When the wind begins to pick up speed and objects are lifted off the ground, the value that extra assurance adds is immeasurable.

Rest Comfortably in Peace and Quiet

All your life, when you’ve heard rain hit a piece of flat metal, it’s probably emitted the most dreadful “pinging” noise. As a result, it’s only natural to expect metal roofs to be somewhat noisy during a rainstorm. However, thanks to the deep-textured folds of metal roof panels in Alaska, the noise from raindrops hitting your roof is considerably diminished.

During the rare instance in which the installation of a metal roof may cause some noise, foam inserts can be provided to muffle the sound.

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