Why Steel Siding Is the Best Material for Cold Climates

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There is no shortage of siding options for homes or businesses. However, up here in Alaska, you have to give serious consideration to the elements before choosing a siding material. At Superior Products Inc., our advice is always to go with steel! Steel siding for cold climates in Alaska has a number of advantages over vinyl, brick, wood or any other material you can think of. Keep reading to learn about some of these advantages:

  • Weather resistance: The top reason to install steel siding is that it can withstand whatever weather comes at it. From brutal winter winds to heavy summer rainstorms, Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance against steel siding. Additionally, since water can’t penetrate the material, there’s no need to worry about the annual freeze/thaw cycle we’re used to seeing.
  • Easy to insulate: Insulation is crucial for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, particularly in the winter months. If you feel like your home is under-insulated, the best option is to add some more under the siding. That proves to be a challenge with brick and wood siding. Luckily, metal siding is fluid and allows insulation contractors to quickly and easily add more insulation wherever it’s needed.
  • Energy savings: Buildings with proper insulation are a whole lot more energy efficient throughout the year. Since you’ll be able to add as much insulation as you need under metal siding, your energy bills will be drastically lower than those of others in your neighborhood. The cost of metal siding practically pays for itself with how much money you’ll save each month!
  • Longevity: You don’t want to have to replace your siding every few years. On top of being quite expensive, it’s also a very labor-intensive project. Luckily, replacing siding is a thing of the past once you switch to steel. As long as it’s properly installed, metal siding can last up to 50 years without needing to be replaced.

Why hire the pros to install your siding?

The one downside of steel siding is that you typically can’t install it yourself, so you’ll have to hire a professional to do it for you. Here are a few reasons to choose the experts to install steel siding for cold climates in Alaska:

  • Expert-level knowhow: It takes a ton of skill and years of experience to properly install metal siding. Luckily for our customers, we have both! We’d be happy to recommend a team in town to install siding for your home or business.
  • Top-notch materials: Our siding is made using only the highest quality metals. It’s locally produced and able to withstand all of the nasty weather we mentioned above.
  • Superb warranties: We stand by our materials, which is why we offer incredible warranties for our metal siding and metal roofs! We offer 25-year and limited lifetime warranties for all of our products—good luck finding that anywhere else!

If you’re ready to install steel siding for cold climates in Alaska, then pick up the phone and give Superior Products Inc. a call! We’ll put you in touch with one of our recommend installers, who can come out to your home or building right away to give you an estimate.

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