Stay a Cut Above the Rest: We Sell Tenryu Cutting Blades

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One of the many reasons why so many clients place their trust in our roofing and siding services over and over again is because we use and sell the best-quality equipment for getting these jobs done. Specifically, we offer Tenryu precision cutting blades.

If you’ve been searching for the best saw blades on the market in Alaska for cutting roofing and siding materials, then you need look no further than the outstanding products offered by Tenryu. This is a brand known worldwide as the leader in manufacturing high-quality saw blades. There are millions of satisfied customers all over the world who can attest to the level of quality you can find in these blades. We are pleased to not only use these blades on a daily basis in our own work, but also to offer them to our clients.

There are more than 3,000 types of carbide blades made by Tenryu for metalworking, plastic cutting, woodworking and machining of other types of materials. The company employs the latest technologies and techniques to develop these blades, while giving a great deal of attention to the level of craftsmanship in every product it makes.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the biggest benefits associated with using Tenryu blades for your jobs:

  • High-quality performance: Every single Tenryu saw blade has been designed to give you the best possible performance. Designers of these blades carefully consider the types of materials the blade is to be used for, as well as the kind of machine in which the blade will be used and the desired outcome of each cut. Factoring in all of these considerations, they are able to create finely-tuned blades to deliver outstanding, unbeatable cuts.
  • Fine steel: Tenryu uses only the best steel for its saw blades. All steel that gets sent to the company for manufacturing must go through a series of stringent inspections to test its hardness, tensile strength and consistency. Failure to meet the company’s high standards in these areas will result in the steel not being accepted for saw blade usage. Each piece of steel also gets earmarked for a particular type of blade, with specific instructions given for every individual production plan. Those blades then are blueprinted for the production run and coded to be tracked by computers from their first to their final inspections.
  • Individual attention: Every single blade goes through at least 40 different processes in manufacturing, all of which are executed and overseen by some of the world’s most experienced and qualified saw blade makers. Each blade gets a great deal of individual attention throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Hand craftsmanship: Each blade gets handcrafted with special hammers to ensure level and tension. Tenryu has highly skilled artisans on staff to ensure the quality of each finished blade.

If you’re interested in learning more about the processes that Tenryu uses to develop its high-quality saw blades, or what you can use these blades for, we encourage you to contact Superior Products Inc. today. We’d be happy to provide more information about the best cutting blades in Alaska!

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