Cheaper Siding and Roofs Do Not Mean Better Quality

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When installing a new roof or adding new siding, it can be tempting to use the cheapest products or hire the least expensive contractor. Even though it’s nice to save money upfront, it’s important to remember that cost isn’t the only factor in purchases in Alaska. Continue reading to learn more about the risks of going cheap with your products or contractor:

  • Short lifespan: In general, cheap siding and roofing products have a shorter lifespan. This problem is only compounded when a cut-rate contractor installs them. Instead of going cheap, spend a little more to hire an experienced contractor who uses top-of-the-line materials. Your siding and roof will last longer and look better!
  • Leaks: Any gaps in your siding or roof are eventually going to cause a host of problems. One of the worst issues to deal with is leaks. Although they’re not totally avoidable, hiring an experienced contractor gives your roof a better chance of staying intact and not leaking.
  • Higher energy bills: Your roofing and siding play a large part in keeping your home energy efficient. Opting to use cheap materials costs less right now, but you’ll be paying for that mistake for years to come, as low-quality materials allow heat to easily escape your home. Pay more for a higher-quality product now, and save thousands of dollars over the years on your energy bills.
  • Lower resale value: Customer-centric companies in Alaska should let you know that going cheap will hurt your home’s resale value down the road. Buyers look for houses with high-quality roofs and siding—that way, they won’t have to deal with the upgrades if they choose to buy the house. Set yourself up for future success by going with a more expensive roof today.

Is metal a metal roof and siding right for you?

If it’s time to replace your roof or siding, consider going with metal. These are a few of the top reasons why customers are upgrading to metal roofs and siding:

  • Durable: It’s true that metal roofs and siding are more expensive than other materials. However, they’re also much more durable. After installing a metal roof or siding, you’ll probably never have to worry about repairs or replacement!
  • Energy efficient: Cost isn’t the only factor in your purchases in Alaska—you also have to think about the big picture. Since metal is one of the more energy-efficient roofing and siding materials, your heating and cooling costs could be reduced by up to 25 percent. Your siding and roof could pay for themselves over time!
  • Many color options: Metal roofs and siding come in pretty much any color you can imagine. Asphalt roofs can come in about 20 different colors, but metal roofs come in more than 100! Your attractive metal roof will definitely stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for customer-centric companies in Alaska to install your siding or roofing, look no further than Superior Products Inc. Even though we use the highest-quality materials, we strive to make our services work within our clients’ budgets. We specialize in both residential and commercial products, so give us a call today to get started on your project!

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