What Matters Most for a Roof in Alaska?

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We Alaskans are a proud group, and for good reason. No other Americans (and few people anywhere) experience the weather conditions that we do, and we take pride in our ability to withstand Mother Nature’s greatest hits. We know the value of good construction and understand that having a building with strength and integrity is the best defense against the weather conditions we’ve come to expect. Roof styles matter more here in Alaska because they’re expected to do more, and the team at Superior Products Inc. can draw on our 35-plus years of experience to offer some informed and detailed insights into what qualities a roof in Alaska needs to have.


It’s no secret that Alaska sees its fair share of snow during the winter months, and all of this snow can create some problems for homeowners. Snow on the roof can be a real issue for a number of reasons. Its melting can lead to water damage on the underside of the roof or at your foundation, for example, so different home styles in Alaska rely on different innovations to help control the accumulation of snow. Many styles of homes here have steeply-pitched roofs which rely on snow being able to be quickly moved off the roof through the sheer force of gravity.


Some roof styles in Alaska are simply an impossibility because of the types of weather we experience. The snow and ice that can accumulate on a roof make materials such as concrete, tile or slate non-starters—we just can’t install them because we wouldn’t have faith in their ability to withstand the rigors of our winters. Asphalt shingles are usually a popular option because they are inexpensive and lightweight, but you also run the risk of those not withstanding adverse conditions. You can have more confidence in this if you spring for the more expensive asphalt options.

Finally, keep in mind that metal is an increasingly popular choice across Alaska—it’s more expensive than many other materials, but it holds up to the rigors of exposure very well and will last for decades. Ask Superior Products Inc. if you’re interested in learning more about metal roofs!


As mentioned earlier, the cost of different roofing materials can vary. Many people are tempted to go with an asphalt shingle solution (the material you probably picture when you picture a roof), but these come with a cost: they are quite a bit less durable over time than many other options. You might be saving money upfront but costing yourself money over the long term, and these are important distinctions and choices to discuss with your roofing contractor.

No matter which roof styles in Alaska you want to look into, Superior Products Inc. wants to be your preferred partner. We’ve worked with customers from across the state to supply metal materials for projects of all shapes and sizes, so no matter what you have in mind for your home or business, chances are, we’ve done it. Call us today for a consultation or quote!

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