Which Siding Material Withstands Winter Weather the Best?

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You have to consider the elements when choosing a siding material for your home or business, especially here in Alaska. Frigid winter temperatures and harsh conditions can do a number on some siding materials, but not metal. Metal is by far the best siding product for our cold winter conditions! Keep reading to learn more about metal siding for winter in Alaska:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Energy efficiency should be on every homeowner’s mind in the winter. Having the heat running 24/7 can really drive up the energy bill, and this problem only gets worse if the home is poorly insulated. Thankfully, metal is easy to insulate and has a high R-value on its own, so you won’t have to worry about a sky-high heating bill each winter.
  • No cracking: Moisture buildup and freezing temperatures can cause wood and vinyl siding to split or crack, leading to big problems and expensive repairs for homeowners. That’s not an issue with metal siding. Even if moisture is able to get underneath seams in your siding, it won’t crack the material when it eventually freezes.
  • No shifting: Freezing and thawing cycles throughout the winter commonly cause vinyl siding to shift or bulge. Unfortunately, this issue just gets worse and worse as time goes on. Homeowners who choose metal siding for winter in Alaska won’t have to worry about that. Metal is strong enough to resist any problems traditionally caused by the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Rust resistant: It stands to reason that harsh winter conditions could cause metal siding to rust over time. However, that’s not the case! Metal siding has a protective finish that prevents any rust or corrosion. Your metal siding will be protected for years as long as there are no deep scratches in the finish.

Metal siding is beneficial all year long

Now you know all about how metal siding protects against winter weather in Alaska. However, metal isn’t just beneficial in the colder months—it’s the perfect siding for any season. Here are a few more reasons to go with metal siding for your home or commercial building:

  • Low maintenance: Caring for some types of siding, like wood, can be a real pain. Homeowners with metal siding don’t have to worry about that, though. Just keep your siding clean and try to prevent scratches—that’s pretty much it when it comes to metal siding maintenance!
  • Long lasting: In terms of longevity, no siding material is better than metal. As long as you’re careful not to damage the coating, metal siding can last for your entire lifetime.
  • High ROI: It’s true that metal siding is more expensive than some other options, but when you think about how long it lasts, its great appearance and its high resale value, metal siding provides the best return on investment.

Are you ready to upgrade to metal siding?

If you want year-round protection and a great-looking home, now is the time to replace your current siding with metal. Call our team at Superior Products Inc. to get a quote for your residential siding project and to learn more about how metal siding protects against winter weather in Alaska.

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