A Guide to Extending the Life of Your Home’s Metal Roof

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If you want your roof to last a lifetime, choose metal! However, this does not mean you can neglect it and assume it is never affected by storms or winter weather. You still need to inspect it and keep it clean.  Here are six tips reliable metal roofing contractors recommend for extending the life of your Alaska home’s metal roof:

  • Perform inspections: Hire a contractor to inspect your roof periodically, and you will discover problems before they have the opportunity to become serious. Schedule an annual review, but also secure one after significant storms. Water pooling on your roof now leads to more significant issues later. Contractors should also look at vents, mechanical units and chimneys, since these areas are frequently vulnerable to leaking.
  • Clean it: Your metal roof needs cleaning, just like a shingle roof. Start by cleaning gutters. If you leave them filled with debris, you face ice dams and soffit damage. You can even rot them through, and when they fail, it damages your roof. If you see excessive leaves, tree branches or trash on your roof, clean it up. Besides debris, also manage snow on your roof. Sweep it away with a broom or roof rake to keep snow and ice from accumulating and causing damage. There are roof cleaning services available so you can avoid climbing on your roof yourself.
  • Do not climb: Never climb onto your roof unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Call a contractor to perform cleaning and inspection. This decision keeps you safely on the ground, but also ensures you will not damage your roof. Roofing contractors wear the correct footwear and use safety equipment to prevent falling. The same resources are not available to you.
  • Avoid exposed screw installation: Extreme temperatures threaten roofs as much as harsh weather. If your roof has exposed screws, the temperatures cause expansions and contractions that push them out. This process eventually leads to holes in your roof and leaks inside your home. When choosing a roofing contractor, find someone who uses adhesive roofing systems or concealed fasteners. Both of these methods will keep your roof in one piece during cold Alaska winters.
  • No metal on metal: We understand that copper accents or gutters are stunning on your home. But if you opt for these designs, make sure they do not touch your metal roof. Otherwise, when the metals are wet, they will produce galvanic corrosion. Your accents and roof will develop holes and create repair bills. If you want to avoid this scenario, start at the installation step, and make sure your contractor does not put your accents and roof in contact with one another.
  • Treat your roof: A metal treatment product adds years to a metal roof. Chemical coatings reduce leaks and corrosion. Reducing rust also maintains your roof’s appearance so you can enjoy aesthetics along with durability, fire resistance and energy efficiency.

Superior Products Inc. counts itself among the most reliable metal roofing contractors in Alaska. We stand behind our products and offer warranties with every project. Call us today if you seek to install a new metal roof or repair your current one.

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