Five Common Questions Regarding Insulated Metal Panels

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If you are considering insulated steel panels for your home or commercial building, you likely have many questions. While there are reasons metal paneling is superior in Alaska, there are also many misunderstandings. With this in mind, we created this insulated steel panel FAQ to address these issues and fill in knowledge gaps. Here are the most common questions regarding insulated metal panels.

Metal seems like it would be cold. How are panels insulated?

We install foam plastic insulation with metal panels. It meets or exceeds code requirements and conserves energy. Foam insulation with metal panels performs better with thinner roof and wall assemblies than other types of insulation.

You can choose panels that are two to six inches thick. All options have R-values from 14 to 46. Choose thickness that meets your energy conservation needs. If you use any other combinations of paneling and insulation, you need double the thickness to meet the same energy conservation levels. So, if space limits also drive your building design, using metal panels and foam insulation is likely your best option.

How do you maintain insulated steel panels?

Even in harsh conditions, these panels are low maintenance. They rarely break, and if your location faces heavy storms, we can customize them to your unique requirements.  If your panels are damaged, we merely need to replace the damaged portions.

How strong are insulated metal panels?

Manufacturers test panels for compression and tensile strength. The result is a rigid and robust product that stands up to most conditions. We use panels made from galvanized, factory-finished steel that holds up to severe weather and working conditions. Also, since the panel skins are non-combustible steel, they offer fire resistance.

If your home or business faces frequent severity with wind or snow, we can customize panels to stand up to those events. When you arrange for an estimate, let us know about any particular concerns so we can consider them in your design.

With so many advantages, these panels sound expensive! What is their cost?

Since insulated metal panels are an all-in-one solution, there are fewer steps to installing them. Rather than coordinating multiple trades during construction, you only need one contractor to address metal panels. Multiple steps become one!

Panels use concealed fasteners, which also makes installation quick. Since the panels are strong, building construction never has to stop due to weather concerns. With the lack of delays and fewer workers, your labor costs decrease dramatically.

This situation allows you to occupy your building and start work earlier, so your panels begin paying for themselves nearly immediately. With low maintenance and durability, you are less likely to need constant repair visits or replacements.

How do I know if these panels are right for my business?

Fortunately, insulated metal panels are versatile. They work for shops, office buildings and even cold storage and refrigeration spaces. There are design considerations for different types of buildings, but contractors are ready to adapt insulated steel panels to your needs.

We hope you found this insulated steel panel FAQ useful. If you have further questions about steel panels in Alaska, Superior Products Inc. is here to answer them. Contact us today to see if steel insulated panels will work for your business.

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