Metal Roofing Maintenance Methods and How to Care for Your Roof

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Installing metal roofing in Anchorage, AK is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. In addition to lasting longer than traditional roofing materials, metal roofs can help save money on your energy bills, and they look great on any home.

We should note, however, that you can’t just install your metal roof and forget about it. Just like with other roofing materials, a metal roof requires some maintenance to look its best and stand the test of time. Continue reading to learn more about metal roofing maintenance.

Basic maintenance

Just because it’s important doesn’t mean metal roof maintenance has to be an extremely labor-intensive process. Here are a few of the most basic maintenance items you or a professional should perform:

  • Clean gutters: The first thing you can do as a homeowner is clean your gutters. Removing leaves, twigs and debris from your gutters ensures proper drainage, which helps extend the lifespan of your roof and reduces the risk of leaks.
  • Perform quick inspections: While you’re cleaning your gutters, conduct a quick visual inspection of your roof. Look for things like scratches, scuffs or excessive chalking. If you notice any damage, call a professional to make repairs as soon as possible.
  • Remove debris: Fallen branches or other foreign objects, especially those made of metal, can cause significant damage to metal roofing in Anchorage, AK. Be sure to clear off this debris, or call a professional to remove it for you.

Structural maintenance

While you can perform some of the items mentioned above on your own, other maintenance tasks are meant for the pros. These are a few things your roofing contractor will do for your metal roof:

  • Fix fasteners: The fasteners, rivets and screws used to attach metal roof panels in Anchorage, AK are designed to last for ages, but harsh winter weather can damage or loosen them. Your roofing contractor will check all of the fasteners for signs of damage and replace them if necessary.
  • Repair panel seams: Any loose or dislodged panel seams can lead to interior leaks or greater issues with the roof itself. While we’re performing an inspection, we’ll check to ensure everything looks as it should and make any necessary repairs.
  • Fix flashing: Another leading cause of leaks is damage to the metal flashing surrounding chimneys, skylights or vents. We’ll thoroughly inspect all the flashing on your roof and either repair or replace it if it’s damaged.
  • Replace sealants: Part of the reason metal roofs are watertight and weatherproof is due to the high-end sealants we use. Unfortunately, the sealants can crack over time, meaning your roof is vulnerable. The good news is that replacing any damaged sealant is easy for our roofing pros at Superior Products Inc.

Contact our team today

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the ideal time to call a professional to maintain your metal roof panels in Anchorage, AK. After a quick visit from our pros at Superior Products Inc., you can rest easy knowing your roof will be in perfect condition to last throughout the year.

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