What Are the Benefits of Metal Siding?

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From vinyl to wood, your options are almost limitless when it comes to siding for your home or commercial building. While there are certainly benefits for all types of siding, we believe metal siding is your best bet. Continue reading to learn the perks of residential and commercial metal siding in Alyeska, AK.


One of the top reasons folks choose metal is that it’s the toughest and longest-lasting of all the siding options. In addition to having a 50-year lifespan—the longest on the market—metal siding defends your building against any nasty weather. Unlike some siding choices, it won’t crack in frigid temperatures or get dented in a nasty storm.

Low maintenance

Wood siding needs to be repainted every few years, and vinyl siding must be power washed to retain its appearance. That’s not the case with residential steel siding in Alaska! Metal siding requires very little maintenance to keep looking its best through all 50 years.

Energy efficiency

Since it’s not naturally a good insulator, you might think that metal would be a bad choice for anyone looking to lower their energy bills—but that’s far from the case. Insulation can easily be added behind steel siding to help cut heating and cooling costs. Additionally, steel reflects heat from the sun to further help reduce your bills in the summer months.

Stylish appearance

Because it comes in any color imaginable and in a variety of different panels, steel siding can look great on any home or commercial building. The unique and modern look of steel can turn heads and breathe new life into an old structure.

Long-term savings

It’s true that metal is one of the more expensive siding options out there; however, when you consider the product’s long lifespan, energy savings and the lack of maintenance required, the product essentially pays for itself over time.


Another big benefit of commercial metal siding in Alyeska, AK is that it’s the most eco-friendly option on the market. Metal siding is environmentally friendly for a few reasons. Steel siding can be made of recycled materials, and you can recycle your metal siding once it’s time to replace it. Additionally, there’s very little ecological damage since there’s no need to repaint or restain the siding.

Repels insects

Pests like termites, bees and ants are known for making nests behind a structure’s siding. After all, if it’s good enough to protect a building, it provides ideal shelter for those insects! Unlike wood or other materials, pests are naturally averse to living behind metal siding. So, forget the need to spray for bugs—they won’t be coming near your metal siding anytime soon.

We’re the team for all of your metal siding needs

Whether you need commercial or residential steel siding in Alaska, be sure to hire Superior Products, Inc. to install it. With over 20 years of industry experience and fair pricing, we’re the best metal siding supplier in town. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your steel siding.

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