How to Provide Your Metal Siding with Some Essential TLC

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Metal siding is a great investment for any home. It looks great, lasts a long time and can even help lower your energy bills. While metal is considered one of the most durable materials out there, it’s still important to provide your siding with proper maintenance.

Below, we’ll look at some key information on how to maintain your metal siding.

How do you clean the metal siding on a house?

One of the most important parts of maintaining your metal siding is keeping it clean. Proper cleaning will help your siding last long while keeping it in top-notch shape. Cleaning metal siding is extremely easy, as it usually only requires a simple rinse with a hose and tap water. However, if there are spots of dirt that won’t come off, you can lightly scrub the area with a little bit of laundry detergent and water.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes when cleaning your metal siding, as this could result in scratches and other abrasions. Your metal siding provider can tell you which cleaning products to avoid.

Perform routine inspections

Even though metal is a durable material, it can sometimes experience damage. It’s important to catch any scratches or holes in your metal siding before they have the opportunity to get worse. Simply inspect your metal siding for damage from time to time. It’s especially important to do this after a storm.

If you notice any damage, contact a metal siding repair service right away. Taking care of damages quickly can help avoid expensive future repair bills.

Maintain your landscape

Bushes, trees and shrubs can damage metal siding over time if they’re too close to it. Be sure to trim branches that have grown too close to the side of your home. Provide any tree on your property with routine pruning to avoid dead branches hitting your home during a storm.

Large, dead branches are extremely dangerous and can cause major damage to your property if they fall. Contact a local arborist if you need a tree removed or trimmed.

Safety first

Be careful when performing any kind of metal siding maintenance. If you have to climb on a ladder to clean or inspect your metal siding, have someone below you steadying the ladder. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need assistance maintaining your metal siding.

Check your warranty

If you notice a problem with your metal siding while it’s still under warranty, contact your provider. Explain the damage you’ve discovered and ask if they’re covered by your warranty. If so, you could have new metal siding installed in no time.

Read your warranty coverage carefully before purchasing any metal siding. Make sure the warranty covers everything your provider claims it does.

Work with the best metal siding provider in Alaska

As you can see, maintaining metal siding is relatively easy, especially compared to other types of siding. If you’re interested in investing in metal siding for your home, contact Superior Products, Inc. We provide top-quality materials, all available at fair and competitive prices. Our products also come with great warranties and a guarantee of excellence. Reach out to learn more.

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