Common Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

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Asphalt shingles are the most common choice for roofs. However, while this is a less expensive option, metal is more durable and longer lasting. It also offers superior protection for your home.

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, but many hesitate to go with a metal roof due to some myths about what they’re like.

Let’s take a look at metal roof advantages and disadvantages with a few FAQs.

Do metal roofs attract lightning?

No, they don’t. In fact, in the unlikely event that your home is struck by lightning, a metal roof will help dissipate the charge. A metal roof is also not combustible, so it won’t catch on fire either.

Everyone uses shingles, so aren’t they better?

It is true that shingles are a more popular choice for roofing—but that’s because they’re cheap and easy to install. People are familiar with shingles being used for a roof, so it’s a look they’ve come to expect. Installers like shingles because their workers are familiar with using them.

All that said, shingles aren’t a great choice over the long run. They don’t last as long as materials like metal. They’re susceptible to damage from wind, the sun’s light and debris striking the roof. Shingles offer lower energy efficiency, which means you’ll likely see higher energy bills. Shingles aren’t an environmentally-friendly option, as old shingles are simply sent to the landfill.

Do metal roofs rust?

The old style of metal roofs would rust—but not new metal roofs. You may be judging metal roofs by an old, corrugated metal roof that was frequently used for industrial and commercial purposes. Those are entirely different than the metal roofs used today. With high-tech coatings on your metal roof, it will look great for years to come—all without the curling and fading that’s more common with shingles.

Are metal roofs noisy when it rains?

No. Modern metal roofs are installed over solid sheathing called the roof deck and an underlayment. This means that you won’t have any excess noise compared to a standard roof.

Are metal roofs very expensive?

Metal roofing does tend to cost more than shingles because it requires specialized labor, but there’s a wide range of metal roofs, from budget options to more high-end choices. In the long run, you’re definitely going to save money on repair and replacement. Add in energy-efficiency savings plus a boosted resale value, and metal roofs prove to be an excellent choice.

Are metal roofs outdated?

You might think of an older structure like a barn when you think of metal roofs, but technology has evolved, and today’s metal roofs can fit with any home’s style. You have plenty of custom options and will love how your roof will look. Best of all, with metal, you may never need to replace the roof again.

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