Tenryu Blades: Here’s the Scoop

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Have you heard of Tenryu blades? Tenryu is one of the leading manufacturers of saw blades. This brand is considered one of the best in the industry.

What are the most common saw blades made by Tenryu? This company makes over 3,000 different types of blades, including a complete line of blades designed for cordless saws.

Here’s what you need to know about Tenryu blades.

Where are Tenryu blades made?

Tenryu has five manufacturing facilities in Japan. However, this company has a worldwide presence, with locations in other parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

Types of blades Tenryu manufactures

Tenryu makes 3,000+ types of blades for a full range of applications. Their various blades are designed for metalworking, machining, plastic cutting, woodworking, general purpose and more.

Saws that use Tenryu blades

This manufacturer designs blades for a wide variety of saw styles. You can find Tenryu blades for table saws, circular saws, radial arm saws, plunge cut saws, low-RPM (revolutions per minute) dry cut saws, miter saws, battery-powered saws, panel saws, angle grinders, gas saws and more.

Why Tenryu blades are considered a top brand

Tenryu blades are carefully manufactured to deliver optimal performance. They offer unique benefits that make Tenryu a top saw blade brand.

What are the benefits of Tenryu blades?

Several design elements make Tenryu blades superior to other brands:

  • Side clearance: Tenryu blades are designed with excellent side clearance, so there is no rubbing during the cutting process. With flat plates, the fit is ideal.
  • Premium carbide tips: The tips of these saws feature an advanced carbide blend. These enhanced tips provide a longer cutting life. They may also feature titanium, niobium or tantalum for even smoother and faster cuts.
  • Flattening: Tenryu uses a proprietary flattening and grinding process that creates plates that have uniform thickness and are distortion-
  • Grain growth control: This manufacturer adds vanadium to control grain growth and create stronger materials.
  • Heat management: The vanadium addition also helps manage heat during cutting.
  • Reduced vibrations: Tenryu blades feature resin-filled, laser expansion slots. These reduce vibrations so cuts are more precise and the saw is quieter.
  • Hand-hammered: Each Tenryu saw blade features hand-hammered tensioned plates. These deliver true runs, every time.
  • Smoothness: Tenryu saw blades are polish-ground. This provides supreme smoothness.
  • Careful calculations: Nothing is left to chance when it comes to Tenryu blade manufacturing. All angles of the saw tip are precisely calculated. This allows the blades to deliver fast, clean cuts with less heat buildup.

Where to find Tenryu blades

Tenryu has a vast distribution network to provide premium blades to companies across the world. For more information on where you can purchase Tenryu blades, contact a local roofing and siding specialist.

Learn more

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