The Benefits of Owning Tenryu Saw Blades

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If you are an ambitious woodworking professional or enthusiast, picking the right blades will significantly improve your comfort while working and boost the quality of your work. One of the most revered saw blades brands available in the market today is Tenryu Saw Blades. This brand’s blades are preferred because they are; 

  • Cleaner
  • Faster
  • Easier to use
  • Time-saving

However, there is more to Tenryu Saw Blades than meets the eye. Here’s an insight into some of its leading saw blades.

1. Benefits of a 40t General Purpose or 50t Combination Blade

If you are looking for that one table saw blade that will do it all, you should be checking out either the 40t General Purpose or 50t Combination Blade. These two general-purpose blades can competently cross-rip or cut most hardwoods with outstandingly clean results. It can also do plywood cross-cutting with minimal splintering on the outer veneer. You can rely on any of these blades to do most of your woodworking.

  • What to know

Always go for the best blade that you can purchase. Although it will cost more, it will also deliver more as it can do the most work. Moreover, more expensive general-purpose blades can handle higher degrees of stress and cut more finely for fragile woodwork. Typical general-purpose blades have between 40 to 50 teeth evenly spaced out. On the other hand, most combination blades have 50 teeth grouped in clusters of 5 divided by deep gullets.

2. Get an 8” Stack Dado Kit

A dado blade set enables you to unlock the full capabilities of your beloved dado blade set. This particular blade set can be sandwiched together to create wider grooves in the wood. The 8″ Stack Dado Kit will be an excellent addition to your blade set-up, especially if you do a lot of cabinetry and furniture building.

  • What you need to know

Before setting up your dado kit on your table saw, you will have to swap out the throat insert and install one that can accommodate the kerf you need to achieve. If you need to cut across sheet goods and grain of plywood, you should practice using a zero-clearance insert to reduce or eliminate splintering and chipping.

3. Get a 24-Tooth Ripping Blade

This specialty ripping blade is designed to save you time and effort when ripping a lot of boards to width. It can also be used to prep the edges of panels for edge-glueing. You should only move to a 24-tooth ripping blade after mastering the general-purpose blade.

  • What to know

The 24-tooth Ripping Blade is excellent for ripping, but it underperforms in cross-cutting. Ripping involves cutting solid wood following the grain. This blade typically contains 20 to 30 teeth for the 10” blade option.

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