Tenryu vs. Forrest Blades: In-Depth Differences With Features

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When choosing blades for your projects, it is important to know the pros and cons of different options. This ensures that you are always getting the blade that is best for your particular needs.

When choosing between two great blades, like Tenryu and Forrest, the differences can be slight since they are both such great products, but there are important differences you should be aware of.

If you have been wondering are Tenryu blades better than Forrest blades, this quick Tenryu vs Forrest blades guide will give you more information on these two great blade options. Keep reading to learn more.

Teeth Basics

One of the most significant differences between the two is teeth. The Tenryu has about 80 teeth while the Forrest only has 40. This can make a huge difference once you are on the job and using this tool. Checking specs like these can help you always make the right choice for your project.  You will always get a smoother, fine finish when you cut with more teeth.

Blade Type

Although the basic purpose of different saw blades is the same, there are many differences between saw blades that can drastically affect how your projects go. Some blades simply are not intended for certain types of projects. That is why you should take some time to understand exactly what you need.

Forrest Woodworker II: This is a Carbide tipped circular saw blade. It is considered to be hard and durable. You can depend on a maximum runout of .002 inches.

Tenryu Silencer Series: This circular miter saw blade features Tenryu resin-filled body slots. This makes the Tenryu a great finishing blade.

Blade Size

Another important detail is going to be blade size. The actual diameter of the blade will affect the outcome of a project. A smaller blade diameter usually produces better results.

Tenryu: This blade has a 10-inch diameter. That is standard and will provide a smooth finish.

Forrest: This blade comes in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose carefully depending on the types of projects you handle. Sizes come in 9 to 12-inch diameters.

Blade Material

What your blade is made of is also very important. You need a firm material to ensure that your blade is sharp and durable. Always check the material that a blade is made of before purchasing.

Tenryu: These blades are a laser cut plate that has been hand hammered. This gives the blade the best tensioning and it is flatter.

Forrest: These blades are made from carbide. The teeth are made from C-4 high-grade carbide grains. This gives Forrest a superior cutting advantage.

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