How To Install Metal Siding

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A well-installed siding is critical for keeping the harsh outdoor weather away from your house. Metal siding is highly durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent way to protect your home. The process of installing your own metal siding is also not complicated. 

That means even the average DIYer can ace it. However, it can be time-consuming and require proper preparation. So, what are the steps of installing metal siding? This post will take you through a step-by-step guide to help you install metal siding.

When should you install metal siding?

You can install metal siding at any time throughout the year. However, you don’t want to spend many hours in extreme weather. Choose a period when temperatures are mild and avoid installing the siding during snowfall or rainfall. If it rains when your project is halfway, allow the site to dry thoroughly before proceeding, as trapped water can cause significant damage to the house.

How do you install metal siding?

Follow these steps to install metal siding for your home.

1. Prepare the site

You must remove the current siding before the new installation. There are few instances when the old siding can remain in place. Check for holes, cracks, and gaps during the inspection and fill them.

2. Insert drip cap and windows and doors

Cut drip cap pieces for the edge of each door and window. You can use continuous parts for each location. Allow the cap to overhang by half on both sides.

3. Install and seal house wrap

Using a ladder and hammer, staple around the upper side of the lengthy continuous sections of house wrap. Insert staples on the rest of the edges. Use house sealing tape to tape seams where the edges of the house wrap overlap. Tape along the top of windows and doors where the wrap meets the drip cap.

4. Install bottom trim

Mark a line at the bottom edge of the new siding. Place the bottom trim along the same line. Cut corners at 45-degree angles and fasten with siding screws. Seal the seam using silicone caulk.

5. Install J-channel around windows and doors

Cut a C-channel or J-Channel for all sides of each door and window opening. Make sure the material is enough to allow for drain tabs and overlaps.

6. Install siding

Start from the bottom corner and install the metal siding based on the provided manufacturer’s specifications, and cut appropriately where needed. Take special note of spacing at the corners and overlap requirements. Use side screws to fasten, sometimes special fastening clips. How you space your screws depends on the metal side you’re installing.

7. Install corners

Connect corner trim parts by placing them on top of each other by at least four inches and apply silicone caulk at the seam. Fasten according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Caulk around windows and doors. Apply silicone caulk or the specified sealant to each door, window, and any other opening where the structure meets the J-channel.

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